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Hello and, as it says above, welcome to my blog.

My name is Deborah Fenwick and I am the author of (so far) three romantic novels that are available on Amazon Kindle. So, if you have a Kindle and like romantic novels, please read on. If you don't and/or you don't, I'd still be very happy if you pass the word around to anyone and everyone you know who does and who does.

Yes, I am shamelessly promoting my books. If I don't nobody else will (that's the big problem with self publishing). But I hope they are worth promoting. The few reviews I already have - and if you choose to buy, reviews are very welcome - tend towards the opinion that they are good stories, well written, not lacking in humour but lacking in typos. If you want to look at the reviews, is the place to look, although you can buy the books from any flavour of Amazon (.com;; .de; .fr etc.).

A little bit about me follows if you're interested.

I'm English, born and bred, but moved to Germany a few years ago. I have had to learn to live life in a foreign language, but I write, of course, in English. I have a dog and a horse, and you will find that my books often feature animals, sometimes as very minor characters, occasionally as more important to the plot. One of the big pluses of living here in the centre of Germany is the wonderful countryside, where I can ride my horse for hours hardly going near a road. I live in a region that features mountains and forests which are quite overwhelmingly beautiful.

My career has encompassed a variety of jobs, but I now teach English to earn a crust, when I'm not writing.

So, to the crux - the books. At the moment, as I said, there are three books. More are planned and I am of course in the process of writing the next. My major problem is filing away all my ideas until such time as I have the opportunity to start on each new project. The books now ready and available are:

Rules of the House

Cool Customer

Family Affairs

Plot synopses are of course available on Amazon, but if you are interested in my posting them here I would welcome your feedback. All my books feature main female characters who are intelligent, independent and well able to stand up to the slings and arrows that are thrown at them. One reviewer referred to a book as a "romcom" and I definitely try to inject a measure of humour into the books. My heroes are mature, attractive, generally very solvent, sometimes prone to getting hold of the wrong end of the stick but naturally (since these are romances) able to redeem themselves in the end.

That will do for starters. I intend to post regularly and look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to contact me. 

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