Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Books

I thought I’d tell you a bit about the books I have written and the ones that are in the pipeline.

First of all, the books currently available are obviously aimed at the female audience. The three that are now on Amazon Kindle are pure romantic slush. OK, I don’t like being so harsh, but they are romances with the requisite ups and downs along the way before the happy endings. The three books are:

Rules of the House

This is a simple story about a young woman, Jo, who finds herself made redundant and has to pay the mortgage and bills somehow so she advertises for a lodger. Along comes locum vet Alistair and the personality clashes start. He is of course seriously attractive, but he speaks his mind, while Jo is used to living in her own space and hates his butting in to help her, especially when he is right and she is proved wrong. Sparks and misunderstandings fly, a cat and a dog feature and Jo’s ambition is to find another job and get Alistair out of her life. Or does she really want to do the latter?

Cool Customer

Lucie is a new graduate when she first meets Jake and tries to impress him, but their meeting is not auspicious. Fast forward a few years and the naïve young Lucie has grown up and is a successful saleswoman for a computer manufacturer. Then her path crosses Jake’s yet again. While he initially holds her past mistakes against her, his opinion changes. But after an initial meeting, Lucie doesn’t trust him so he has to try hard to persuade her not only that she is mistaken about him, but that he wants to know her much better. Comic relief is added by a customer of Lucie’s, and colleagues help or hinder the proceedings along the way.

Family Affairs

Chrissie meets Matt at a wedding, when her sister Tanya marries his cousin Phil. There is an initial attraction, but Chrissie isn’t looking for romance and she gives him the brush-off. Tanya’s marriage gets off to a rocky start and big sister Chrissie steps in with some advice. Matt and Chrissie meet up again and this time things look more auspicious. Their relationship is on the up while Tanya and Phil continue to have problems. Tanya comes up with a plan to give herself a safety net, which gets her and Phil into big trouble, while something of Matt’s that went missing reappears and causes yet more problems. Set in Chrissie’s workplace, a hotel, and various other venues, the hotel staff do their best to aid and abet while Chrissie’s friend Judith provides her with a bolt hole when the going gets tough.

The first two of these books are relatively short, while Family Affairs is over three hundred pages. Although I am working on another short romance, similar in length to Rules of the House and Cool Customer, I am planning two longer novels which diverge from the standard romantic formula. One features an older woman having perhaps a mid-life crisis and the other a woman with a child who longs to know about her father, while her mother has sound and upsetting reasons why she is hiding events from the past. Also I plan to load a long short story onto Amazon soon, and I am writing, in the intervals between other things, an account of my time in Germany involving attempts at restoring a large old building as well as details of the Angst (have to use the German word here!) caused by leaving the land of my birth.

If there’s anyone out there, do let me know!

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