Friday, September 7, 2012

A new story available on Amazon Kindle

I’ve written something a little different. It’s not a novel but a long short story. It is technically, at 8,000 words, eligible to be called a novelette, but as it is not much longer than a short story, I call it that. It is the sort of story you can read at one sitting and, hopefully, enjoy.

It’s not a romance, although there is a hint of romance in it. It’s not a crime mystery although there is a hint of crime in it. The title is Suspicion – and that is what it is about. A woman is under suspicion for something she didn’t do, and she doesn’t even know at first that she is suspected of anything. Written in the first person it is again a little different from my romantic novels, which are all of course written in the third person. This time you get inside the head of the narrator, who is the only one, apparently, who hasn’t a clue what is wrong. The setting is a prosperous village somewhere in England.

I have priced the story as low as I can because, after all, it is only short. I shall let you know when I can put it on free offer for a day, which I shall do soon, so watch this space. If you like it I’d love it if you let me know, both here and on Amazon if you can.

The link is:

I’d love you to read it and I really hope you do like it.

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